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Perfect size for playing at home or on the go when needing to keep the kids busy and quiet. The double sided cards have 3 or 4 letter words with easy to recognize pictures. It’s a nice learning game for kids about to start school, and those who have already started and need an interactive tool to help them with reading and spelling.

Working towards creating each word and match it with the card helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills, preparing them the essential skills for future academic success .

Gain Early Reading Skills

Increase Attention And Memory

The child is simply tasked with discovering the appropriate letters on the provided blocks to spell the words displayed on the card in play. Once the bricks match the card, the card is exchanged for a new one and the process starts again. If the entertainment value begins to wane, You can incorporate a timer from one of his other games to up the challenge level a bit.

Spell Out Contest Game

Your kid can play this word game alone, or taking turns to play with a sibling or friend,the one who spells correctly keep the card,the one keeps the most cards wins. This could keep the kids busy for hours in educational time.

How to play? – 1. Find the corresponding letter according to the word prompt of the card.
– 2. Do not look at the word prompt of the card, spell the word according to the pattern on the card.
– 3. Parents spell the words first, then ask the child to find the correct card in all the cards.

For English Language Beginners

By putting the wooden letter cubes together to form a word, the kid gains an important understanding of the mechanics of vocabulary, aided by the picture cards which provide a clue to the meaning of the word being formed

Objects Recognition

This alphabet cards can help kids learn alphabet and some animals, learning from playing is the most effective learning way.

Help Kids Grow Better
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